In 1969 I began a series of cybernetic drawings – Cyborg Notes – that had as its focus the “future” problems of DNA mixing, (then only a possibility). The idea mixed humans and machines, cloning, architecture and landscape, biology and technology and used irony, humor, skepticism, black humor, “visions,” and futuristics to develop the drawings and sculpture.  At the core was/is a serious intent to produce works of art that are also signals….warnings, which were not propaganda, but showed in part, things going wrong. At the same time they elicited a sensual and sexual overtone that was meant to deceive the viewer and ameliorate the impact of “humans” – “cyborgs” – who had in effect lost all their humanity and sexuality, except the “reproductive” process and what they were reproducing were ‘grotesqueries’ and sub-humans disguised as “new-humans” complete with nuts and bolts and tubes and micro–prosthetics.

In a word, the spirit and humanity had been disemboweled in favor of miniaturized robotic controls.

DMZ notes from Notebook 33 , 1978-80

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